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Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & Oxfordshire

tel. 01494 761 552

Leap Children’s Therapy provides quality child centred therapy services.  We work closely with parents, carers and school staff to design a specific package of care to meet the child’s unique needs.   


We specialise in helping children with: Developmental Co-ordination Disorder; Dyspraxia; Developmental Delay; Autistic Spectrum Disorder; Aspergers Syndrome; Attention Deficit Disorder; Sensory Integration Difficulties; Dyslexia and visual, physical or learning difficulties and disabilities.


Does your child have any of the following difficulties?

• Participating in movement activities?

• Performing self-care activates?

• Keeping still & paying attention in the classroom?

• Accepting certain touch sensations?

• Tolerating certain sounds, smells or taste more than usual?

• Participating in play and balancing for sports and games?

• Coordination of body and balancing for sports and games?

• Understanding instructions and responding appropriately?

• Getting across to other people his/her needs and/or message?

• Eating and/or drinking?

• Saliva control?

• Controlling his emotions?

• Putting words into his sentences when talking?

• Remembering words or sounds?

• Handwriting skills?

• Reading and spelling skills?

If  the answer is yes to one or more of these difficulties, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss how our services may suppport your child.

At Leap Childrens Therapy we can provide therapy services to children (from birth to 19 years old).  Theses services include:

How we can help

"Helping your child LEAP to their full potential"

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Tel. 01494 761 552

Email. [email protected]


Individualised Assessment -

Ranging from comprehensive to screening and observational assessments within the  school, clinic and home setting.


Individual Treatment Sessions-

Focusing on improving the child’s functional skills through the facilitation of appropriate treatment approaches e.g. sensory integration.


Group Treatment Sessions-

A rolling programme of practical groups run across the year, within the clinic and school setting.  


Occupational Therapy Programmes-

Specifically designed programmes to support the child’s needs for use at home, within school and within class.  


Therapeutic Listening Programme-

Access to this specialised programme, to treat sensory  processing difficulties, including ongoing support from the OT to implement this programme.  


Training Services-

Tailored to meet parents/carers, school staff and professionals needs.  

Including feedback sessions, inset days and individualised training packages.  


Consultation and Advice Service-

For parents, carers and school staff.

What is the next step

As every child is unique please contact us by telephone or email and discuss with one of our therapists  your childs difficulties, we will then recommend to you the options that are most suited to your childs needs.

Pricing of our services can be tailored to meet your needs.

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